University as a fundamental educational institution and one of the biennale’s initiators is represented by the works of St. Petersburg State University’s and St. Petersburg University of Technology and Design’s students.

«The towers of Power/St. Petersburg Non-profit Art Organisations»

Underground initiatives and even underground institutions have always been one of the strongest sides of St. Petersburg culture. Never included in any official lists of “cultural institutions” they have always created a special cultural mix which St. Petersburg’s original cultural and artistic context grew from. We pay the utmost attention to the underground movement and groups. Thus, in the frame of St. Petersburg youth project there will be a separate block where the works by non-profit organisations that affect the city’s artistic landscape will be presented as well as the works by the renowned St. Petersburg artists whose new pieces are seldom seen in the city due to various reasons.


There are various internal complex cultural processes going on in each of the Baltic countries. That is why the ways of these countries’ representation may differ from one another greatly in terms of the choice of ideas, names, movements. We do not choose to show only one possible approach, but the great variety of those. So, in her project the founder of the Diaghilev Art Centre and St. Petersburg State University professor Tatiana Yurieva presents her own idea of the rich artistic, graphic and sculptural tradition of the Baltic states and its aesthetic intersection with that of St. Petersburg.

«St. Petersburg/The New Stratum»

The youth is one of the most popular topics of the cultural politics of today and a sphere of optimistic discussions about the future or simply a brand so popular with the media nowadays, that it is rotated endlessly and used to create new occasions for pieces of information. Various kinds of “youth” or even “baby biennale” (as they are often ironically dubbed) are quite popular in Russia today. However, in our youth project by Dmitri Pilikin and Anton Chumak we deliberately chose not to present names already known to the public, but wanted to exhibit new works by yet unknown artists. That is why a web contest was used to democratically select the works. From more than a hundred of applications one quarter was chosen for the show as a result. Another group of artists in this project cannot be referred to as “youth”. The reason is that St. Petersburg artistic scene/landscape is divided into separate strata where the prominence of an artist’s works does not very often go beyond a certain circle. There are also St. Petersburg artists whose works are shown in other cities and countries more often than at home, and artists from other cities and countries who actively take part in St. Petersburg artistic life. Tearing the boundaries of these strata down we deliberately have put together different art messages into a single project aimed at demonstrating the very continuity and specific character of this “ebb and flow” process, when new actors come and leave the city.

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