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Ulf Lindell. "Same but indifferent"

Selected Solo Exhibitions: Studio Dalmau Gallery, Sao Paulo, Brazil (2011), Ad hoc gallery/ Smak pa restaurangen "...under her yellow sneakers", Stockholm, Sweden (2009), Galeria Maria Theresa Vieira "Inutil", Rio de Janeiro, Brasil (2008), Operating place gallery “Dancers”, Stockholm, Sweden (2007), Ad hoc gallery “flowers of evil…or just an extrajudicial execution”, Stockholm, Sweden (2006), Ad hoc gallery Parts and peaces”, Stockholm, Sweden (2004), Edge gallery “Changing spaces”, Stockholm, Sweden (2001), A3 gallery, “Documentation concerning the dismantling of a houseboat”, Moscow, Russia (1999), SITE (The school of economics in Stockholm), “Documentation concerning the dismantling of a houseboat”, Stockholm, Sweden (1999), Trampoline, The culture house “dip art”, Stockholm, Sweden (1995), Norberg gallery “Seen from the corner of a sloth eye”, Stockholm, Sweden (1993), Association confluences gallery “La Candelaria”, Paris, France (1990), Tai chi gallery “Silent rooms”, Bogota, Colombia (1986)

Ulf Lindell -

ART re.FLEX Gallery

26-30 September 2012

Corbinian Bohm & Michael Gruber (Germany) "3 Secunden. 2000 "GELSENLOS. Gelsenkirchen. 2002 "As if we were alone! 2006


JOACHIM GRANIT. (2011-2012)


Project "Points of Observation" (Finland)

Sanna Sarva

Tuomo Kangasmaa

Minna Kangasmaa

Sirpa Jokinen

Юкка Hautamäki

Kari Yli-Annala

The NABOKOV Museum

Olga Biantovskaya.

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