The 4th Baltic Biennale 2014

«The Baltic Archipelago: Newer Than The New»

01 october - 15 november

The International Art Biennale is a long-term urban project, run by the Diaghilev Modern Art Museum of Saint Petersburg State University and supported by the Committee for External Relations of Saint Petersburg and the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences of Saint Petersburg State University (under the auspices of Alexei Kudrin). The idea belongs to T. Yurieva. The metaphor “Baltic Archipelago. Newer than the New” will be highlighted at the 4th Biennale, pointing to cultural affinity and peculiar traits of the countries, which demonstrate both unity and diversity in their national and cultural images, modern technologies, art ideas and communications, that rapidly change the field of our interaction.

Due to the efforts of Peter the Great Saint Petersburg historically found itself in a special geopolitical space of the Baltic region, which was perceived by the Emperor as a contact area between Russia and Europe. Having lost the capital status and plunged into the whirlpool of the Moscow-dominated political landscape, St. Petersburg managed to preserve its peculiar cultural image and art traditions. Proximity to the Baltic Sea provided it with the opportunity for a direct cultural dialogue with the nearby European countries. All these special advantages exist today.

That's why in our project we commit ourselves to the task of grasping the nature of specifically “Baltic” features in its worldview, character and visual expression of artists and its co-relation with the ideas of the Baltic region-based artists.

The very term “modern art biennale” haven't been producing much enthusiasm in Saint Petersburg space. However, that doesn't mean that a large shape can not be “tasted”, as the local distinctness of it can be perceived only in the course of a process, when movement towards perception of it is under way. To an extent, the very problem of complexity of large shape creation and increased impermeability of Saint Petersburg art context becomes one of the most significant research subjects in the project.

Since 2012 we have been holding the Baltic Biennale in compliance with “the Venice concept”: from now on it will not be confined only to one major project, but include all curatorial and gallery projects to be presented at various city venues. In the latest years the project featured the following participants: “Manezh” Central Exhibition Hall, Rizzordi Art Foundation, Borey Art Gallery, Al Gallery, ART re.FLEX Gallery, Dmitry Semenov Gallery, The St. Petersburg Nabokov House Museum, Saint Petersburg Derzhavin Museum of Russian Literature.

In October 2014 each participating country will present its curator and artists. The Biennale features the artists of various generations, as the very title “Newer Than the New” implies presentation of Art; the art work by an artist of older generation could be much more modern and actual than that of a younger one. There is no such thing as “age” in art. The panel discussions dedicated to the critically important issues like the role of the youth in art evolution, new types of cultural interaction, impact of art-criticism and arts patronage will become an inalienable and crucial part of the 4th Baltic Biennale.

In 2013 – 2014 the Diaghilev Modern Art Museum is holding personal exhibitions making the people of Saint Petersburg acquainted with the Baltic artists' works. The last years saw how Saint Petersburg enjoyed more trust, we befriended each other: in our opinion the Bienalle played an important role in this process. We seek a community of creative people, as it is very important for promotion of humanism and understanding in the complex world which lives an extremely intense life.

In addition to organizing exhibitions will be held Roundtable discussions topical issues of contemporary culture and the artist's role in the learning process and humanization of society of the XXI century . Names of Roundtable discussions: " Walking for art " ( Germany), " Sculpture Picnic" ( Russia , Estonia), " Newer new" (Poland, Estonia, Finland, Russia ), " Peterburzhskiy parasitic " (Russia, Belarus , Poland, Sweden ) " Counterclockwise " (Denmark, Sweden , Finland, Germany , Latvia) , "Neva" ( Russia ), " Dark light" (Finland ), " Nepokarennye " ( Lithuania, Norway, Russia ).

One of the round tables organized for students, it is assumed to have a discussion together with the Baltic artists , art schools teachers . M. Piotrovsky is the Bienalle's president, T. Yurieva is its vice-president. The following museums and galleries agreed to host and support the Bienalle: «New Museum», Gallery of design/bulthaup, The Diaghilev museum of modern art, St. Petersburg State University, art studio “Nepokarennye».

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